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August 8, 2017

How a Yellow Should Treat a Blue

Yellows and Blues are so opposite, it’s kind of comical. Yellows are carefree while Blues are professional worriers. Yellows are uncommitted and Blues are very committed. Yellows are self-centered and Blues are compassionate. These two colors are quite the opposite pair! For you Yellows out there who are married to or good friends with a Blue, it’s probably hard for you to understand them sometimes. If you don’t quite always know how to handle them, here are a few things you can do to treat your Blue loved ones right and help them stay sane. 1. Help them see their worries in perspective Worrying is tough for poor Blues, even though th

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July 18, 2017

Ask the Expert: Which of the Colors Is the Most Loving?

Which of the four Color Code personality styles tends to be the most loving? Tricky question, isn't it? ... But I get that kind of thing a lot. I think some people want to jump to a conclusion and say that Blues are the most loving. My guess is that they do this because we associate Blues as being the most caring, thoughtful, etc. While it is true that those particular personality strengths are most common for Blues, I submit to you that each of the four Colors expresses love in different—though equally significant—ways. Therefore, our position is that no Color is naturally more "loving" than any other Color. Let's take a look at how

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July 11, 2017

Identifying a Red Personality’s Needs

Each of us either knows a Red personality or is a Red personality. And while some of the readers out there may know the Red’s strengths and weaknesses, they may not understand their wants and needs. Today, we want to focus on the Red needs in hopes that you can understand them better and know how to treat their personality. Reds Need to Look Good Technically Reds need to be able to stand their own ground intellectually. When a Red is faced with a new project, they will do all the research necessary to become knowledgeable in the subject matter. They don’t go to meetings unprepared. Going on vacations with them will be a

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July 6, 2017

How to Date a Blue

Being in a romantic relationship with a Blue can’t be easy. I should know, I am one. However, my Yellow husband does a great job at handling all my emotions and he also did a great job at winning my heart. Today, I think it’d be fun to offer some advice to those who are trying to date a Blue. Take out your notebooks and get writing! ;) Be romantic I’m married to an awesome guy who is great at the whole romance thing. When we first started dating, I was in a situation that made me hesitant to get too serious with him, but he was determined and proved himself worthy time and time again. Our first Valentine’s Day together, he surprised m

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June 21, 2017

Advice for Meeting a Blue’s Needs

Who doesn’t want their needs to be met? Each personality color comes with its own set of needs, but many people are likely not meeting these needs due to not being aware of what they are. If each of us knew the needs that came with each personality color, we would surely be better equipped to care for our loved ones. Today, we are going to address the needs of the Blue personality and help those who know and love Blues understand how they can meet their needs so the Blues will feel happier and more loved. Blues need to be good morally If you have a Blue friend who seems like a goody two-shoes, and it annoys you, this will be a good need for

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May 11, 2017

Tips for Reds on How to Get Along with Blues

If there are any Reds out there who haven’t been frustrated with a Blue at some point or another, we would be shocked. Reds and Blues are very different personalities. Reds are insensitive, while Blues are too sensitive. Reds want to get the job done and Blues want to get the job done perfectly. Blues go on about their feelings and Reds get to the point. Get the picture? Reds, we know it can be frustrating for you to maintain and/or foster relationships with Blues, but odds are there are several Blues in your life you want to maintain your relationship with. So instead of getting fed up with the process, listen closely. We’re here to pro

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May 9, 2017

A Time Management Tip for Blues

Blues, we want your goal for today to be to let go! Do you find yourself regularly piling too much on your own and/or others’ plates? Then please see above! When you go to make your to-do list tomorrow, allow yourself to leave a few items unchecked without beating yourself up. When you ask your kids to get a job done, don’t yell at them for not doing it according to your unrealistic standards. Ask yourself on any given day if your expectations are too high, and if they are, take it down a notch! We promise your life will be easier! :) — The Color Code Team  

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May 4, 2017

The Difference a White Personality Can Make

I’m incredibly grateful for the White personality. Whites have many great strengths, but I think my favorite is how kind they are. A great example of White kindness is my husband’s stepmom. She and I have developed a great friendship over the last few years, and I have benefitted significantly from her kindness.

Last fall, I suffered a miscarriage. It was my first pregnancy and was incredibly devastating and traumatic. The grief that followed that experience has been paralyzing at times, and as a Blue, my emotions are sometimes more than I can handle. Despite the hardship of this challenge, I will never forget the service

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May 2, 2017

How to cater to a Yellow’s needs

Wouldn’t it feel great if our significant others, parents, kids, friends and/or coworkers met the needs that come with our personality? Each personality type comes with its own set of needs, but no one will know how to meet the needs of their loved ones if they don’t know what their needs are. Today, we are going to identify the needs of the Yellow personality and educate those who know Yellows (it should be all of us!) on what they can do to meet those Yellow needs. Ready? Let’s go! Yellows need to look good socially. Yellows are sociable and charismatic. If it seems like your Yellow friends are trying to be the center of attention too

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March 21, 2017

Admiring and Learning From the White Personality

You know that moment when someone irks you and you snap back an angry retort, only to wish you could take it back seconds after you say it? A lot of us say things we regret frequently and maybe wish we could just learn to keep our mouths shut. For those who are nodding their head, let’s step out of our own lives for a minute and learn how to be more like the personality type who emulates qualities we so wish we had: The Whites. Whites are the peaceful, calm, kind people among us. And though they have limitations like the rest of us, they have really admirable strengths. In this article, we will explore some of those strengths so us Yellows

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