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December 14, 2017

Harvard Study Finds Relationships Have Incredibly Powerful Effect on Our Health & Happiness

Here at Color Code we teach that life is all about relationships. Our main goal as a company is to help people understand themselves and others on a deeper level so they can improve both their personal and professional relationships. We've seen marriages saved, businesses prosper, families improve, etc., etc., all because people took the time to put an effort into building their emotional intelligence and relationship skills. With that said, you can imagine how we love research that further validates the importance of what we do. Today, we thought we'd share with our readers one study we find particularly fascinating and encouraging. Becaus

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July 18, 2017

Ask the Expert: Which of the Colors Is the Most Loving?

Which of the four Color Code personality styles tends to be the most loving? Tricky question, isn't it? ... But I get that kind of thing a lot. I think some people want to jump to a conclusion and say that Blues are the most loving. My guess is that they do this because we associate Blues as being the most caring, thoughtful, etc. While it is true that those particular personality strengths are most common for Blues, I submit to you that each of the four Colors expresses love in different—though equally significant—ways. Therefore, our position is that no Color is naturally more "loving" than any other Color. Let's take a look at how

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June 13, 2017

Three Tips for Reds to Maintain Better Friendships

Our world would be a very, very different place without the Red personality. We would miss out on some really amazing leaders, phenomenal businesses and a whole lot of awesome, no-nonsense people. Reds are essential to the fabric or our society, there is no doubt about that. However, just like each of the other colors, Reds have some characteristics that turn some people off. Since Reds are so dominant and can be intense, some people can be overwhelmed by them. But we’re here to promote the camaraderie of every personality color. So today, we want to give the Reds a few tips on how to maintain friendships without too many hurt feelings or

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May 2, 2017

How to cater to a Yellow’s needs

Wouldn’t it feel great if our significant others, parents, kids, friends and/or coworkers met the needs that come with our personality? Each personality type comes with its own set of needs, but no one will know how to meet the needs of their loved ones if they don’t know what their needs are. Today, we are going to identify the needs of the Yellow personality and educate those who know Yellows (it should be all of us!) on what they can do to meet those Yellow needs. Ready? Let’s go! Yellows need to look good socially. Yellows are sociable and charismatic. If it seems like your Yellow friends are trying to be the center of attention too

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April 11, 2017

Improving Your Relationship With Your Yellow Child

Just like every other color, Yellow children come with natural strengths and natural limitations. Obviously, the strengths are great while the limitations can be frustrating. But don't worry, we're here to help!   In this article, we will mention some of the limitations Yellows have as children and offer advice on the things you should or shouldn’t do as parents to maintain the best relationship you can with your child in spite of these sometimes frustrating limitations. Yellow children tease siblings constantly   If they’ve got Blue siblings, this can be especially tough! However, to have the best relationship with a Yellow, you

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March 2, 2017

The Dos and Don’ts of a Relationship with a Blue

The Driving Core Motive of a Blue personality is intimacy. They want to connect with you! In return, they NEED to be understood. This may prove difficult for others to do because Blues are highly complex people. They are simultaneously sensitive, intense, caring, critical, giving and unforgiving. Regardless of their complexity, it is worthwhile to pursue a connection with a Blue. Life cannot bestow on anyone a more gratifying reward than the sincere appreciation and trust of a Blue friend, coworker or family member. To help you develop a positive connection with Blues, we’d like to provide you with some “Dos” and “D

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February 14, 2017

Color Code’s Cheat Sheet for Lovers

This post was previously published on the blog Feb. 11, 2013. February is a great month to celebrate and work on relationships — especially those with your significant other or hopeful significant other. So with that in mind, we created this fun little “Cheat Sheet” for you to have a quick reference way to improve your relationship with your Mr./Mrs. Right or potential Mr./Mrs. Right. Happy Valentine’s Day from the Color Code Team! Enjoy!

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February 8, 2017

Marriage and the Color Code

I’m excited to share some thoughts with you about marriage and the Color Code. My wife, Tammy, and I will celebrate 39 years of marriage in July. Fifteen years ago, we almost lost our marriage. We were in trouble. My wife said, “I’m done!” Thankfully, we were invited to a “color meeting.” I was quite resistant. Feeling insecure and being dragged, I left lots of black heel marks going into that meeting in August of 2002. But I walked out of that meeting in awe, realizing my wife was a member of a very elite group of people, known as “The Blues.” I discovered there was a motive, a why, a reason she had served me, our daughte

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May 11, 2015

Ask the Expert

Dear Jeremy, I profiled as a Red. I don't think that is a bad thing to be, but now my family thinks that the Red is all that I am. They think I'm controlling and unkind. What do I do to convince them that I have many layers? Yours truly, "Red" ==================== Dear "Red", What a great question! Speaking of layers, I see a few in your question and comments that I would like to address here. Certainly being Red is not a bad thing at all! Every Color has wonderful strengths that should be openly shared and celebrated. It is also true that every Color has terrible limitations that should be regularly evaluated and addressed as well. A

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January 19, 2015

Ask the Expert

Dear Jeremy, I have a concern and could use some advice. I'm a strong blue. I work as a nurse and deal with Red personalities at times. As you can guess, these Reds come in the form of doctors. I have one doctor currently who enjoys belittling and intimidating me in front of other medical team members. My first and only contact so far was not pleasant. I have had texting communication (his preferred way to communicate) since then but not face to face. I know I need to demand respect from him or he will continue this behavior. Do you have any other suggestions. I'm not feeling any support from my 2 supervisors. I've looked through the book

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