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September 19, 2017

Ask the Expert: Limitations = Opportunity

Sometimes people ask me why we bother talking about limitations in our program. I hear things like, "Doesn't that just create negativity?" and "We want people to feel good about themselves, so can you just skip the discussion on limitations?" In fact, several years ago, we walked away from a very large client who represented a significant amount of ongoing revenue, over a similar question. I remember talking to the executive on the phone. I knew that they had vetted several personality-based programs (Color Code being one of them), and she called me to share their decision. She told me that they all "LOVE the Color Code program," and

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June 20, 2017

Four Tips for Embracing More of the Yellow Personality

If you’re a Red, Blue or White personality, have you ever been curious about what it’s like to be inside a Yellow’s skin? The cool thing about Color Code, is that while you’re always going to be the same core color, you can learn to adopt strengths from other colors. So if you’re looking to be a little more like a Yellow, follow these four tips: Shelf Your Worries—Yellows are carefree like children. If you’re feeling overly worried about something you shouldn’t, become more Yellow by shelving your worries and telling yourself it’ll all work out. Let Go of Unnecessary Responsibilities

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April 27, 2017

The Story of a Red Learning to Develop Character

Twenty-five years ago, my boss told me we were going to do the Color Code for our organization. I said that was a waste of time. We are running a data center not an HR think tank. As you can guess, I am a Red — I was so Red I believed my Red limitations were some of my best attributes. Well, Dr. Hartman took the challenge to train me as a Color Code facilitator — I’m sure I am the most difficult person he has ever certified. I had an interesting environment to work in on my road to developing character. My wife is a Blue, and I have a White daughter and a Yellow daughter. My mother is a Blue and my father a Red. Most of my bosses have

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April 20, 2017

Learning to Overcome White Limitations

Although I am a core Blue personality, I scored almost just as much White on the Color Code assessment. This means that although I definitely feel like a Blue, I also greatly identify with the White personality. In some respects, this is great, because I can pinpoint the natural strengths I have from both the Blue and the White personalities. However, it also means I deal with natural limitations from both personalities, which makes it harder to become charactered since I have to learn to overcome my Blue and my White limitations. I’m definitely far from perfect when it comes

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February 2, 2017

6 Life Hacks for the White Personality

Those of us who are familiar with the social media world have likely come across the term “Life Hack.” This phrase is typically accompanied by a helpful tip that may make one’s life easier. For example, using Coca Cola to clean a toilet. In our humble opinion, the Color Code is one of the better life hacks out there. :)  By understanding ourselves and others at the motive level, we can build better relationships, be better parents, be better employers and employees, and so on and so forth. Today, we will focus on a few life hacks for our friends with Peace as their Driving Core

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May 11, 2015

Ask the Expert

Dear Jeremy, I profiled as a Red. I don't think that is a bad thing to be, but now my family thinks that the Red is all that I am. They think I'm controlling and unkind. What do I do to convince them that I have many layers? Yours truly, "Red" ==================== Dear "Red", What a great question! Speaking of layers, I see a few in your question and comments that I would like to address here. Certainly being Red is not a bad thing at all! Every Color has wonderful strengths that should be openly shared and celebrated. It is also true that every Color has terrible limitations that should be regularly evaluated and addressed as well. A

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November 3, 2014

How Compliments Can Strengthen Your Relationships

“Everybody likes a compliment.” -Abraham Lincoln Everybody does like a compliment when it is heartfelt and sincere. Nothing gives us greater validation and self-assurance than the recognition provided by someone we respect. According to Phycologytoday.com’s article The Art of the Compliment, “Focusing on and noticing the good qualities in the world around us gives our moods a boost all by itself. Plus, it is a kind of cognitive training, a training of attention. In addition, compliments amplify positivity; they not only deliver positive effects to others, those effects bounce back on us, ramping up the positive atmo

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February 12, 2013

Ask the Expert

Dear Jeremy, So my secondary and tertiary colors (red and blue) are really close (28% and 21%, respectively). But somehow I got a TON of the weaknesses of blue, and NONE of the strengths. And it's really showing up and creating conflict in my life, esp since I'm almost 50% yellow. What does a person do about that?? Can I please have a blue-ectomy? Tori Hey, Tori. Thanks for taking the time to write us about this. It's a great question/dilemma. I would not recommend going with the Blue-ectomy, though. They're invasive, expensive, and you may end up losing a lot of heart in the process. :)

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January 1, 2013

Confessions of a Red–New Year’s Resolutions

I resolve to diet.

I resolve to exercise. I resolve to improve my relationship with a certain Blue. I resolve to (once again) work on my limitations. Does this sound familiar? As you read this, I have (most likely) failed at every one of my resolutions. Yet, every year I, along with millions of people worldwide, insist that this year will be different. One area I think we would all like to improve upon is our relationship with others. I admit that there are areas I can work on. Over ten years ago, I was given a book entitled Life’s Little Treasure Book on Wisdom. It is full of sa

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